Well, this is awkward


So we finally have proof of a massive cover-up involving Russia, bribery, money-laundering, pay-to-play and compromising national security.

And it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Talk about awkward.

I bet the Democrats are kicking themselves for howling like wounded beagles over just how evil the Russian are.

Because now it is the Democrat Party that has been saddled with a Russian scandal.

Who didn’t see that coming?

And then there’s Hillary Clinton who is traveling the globe promoting her book of excuses.

It turns out she was right. Russia has been trying to compromise American national security and buy influence within our government.

Only, she was one of the beneficiaries of Russian influence-peddling.

And how awkward is this for CNN?

They’ve been shrieking about the so-called “Russian collusion” for months.

And yet, at CNN today, there is not one single report about the explosive story from The Hill.

Nothing. Nada.

I ran a search on CNN for “Uranium One” and the most recent mention is in a June 12, 2017 story about Don Junior’s meeting with the Russian lawyer in Trump Tower.

They cite Don Junior referring to the Uranium One scandal during the campaign then quickly add this caveat:

Clinton spokesperson Brian Fallon told The New York Times in 2015 that suggesting “the State Department, under then-Secretary Clinton, exerted undue influence in the U.S. government’s review of the sale of (Canadian company) Uranium One is utterly baseless.”

But it turns out it isn’t “utterly baseless” at all.

Talk about awkward.

So, naturally, CNN is handling it the way CNN always handles Obama Administration scandals.

They’re ignoring it.

And so is MSNBC. I took a look at their website and their main page is almost entirely about the claims that President Trump was insensitive to the wife of a fallen soldier. There is nothing about the story from The Hill.

So I did a search on the term “Uranium One,” and the most recent post referencing it is from July 2016.

Which is all kinds of odd given how both CNN and MSNBC have not been able to shut up about Russia for months now.

But, see, these guys never think things through.

In their desperate haste to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency, the Democrats and Enslaved Press spent months creating the narrative the Russia is an enemy out to destroy our country.

But now it’s their party, their former supposed “scandal-free” President, and their 2016 nominee who are the ones neck-deep in a Russia scandal.

I said several months ago that the Democrats are The Wile E Coyote Party.

They went out on a ledge over this unsubstantiated claim of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

And now that ledge is about to snap off and send the Democrats plummeting into a scandal of their own.

And what’s even worse for them is the guy they are praying “takes down Trump” – their Savior himself Robert Mueller – is also implicated in this unbelievable cover-up.

I guarantee you, the networks and cable news shows – with the exception of Fox – will do everything humanly possible to downplay this explosive story.

What other choice do they have?

Both the Democrats and the Enslaved Press were the ones who made hay over Russia.

They were the ones who raised the specter of Watergate.

They were the ones who cast this wide net.

And now it looks as if they will be ones ensnared in it.

Sure, it may be awkward for them.

But I think it’s all kinds of fun.

Here’s Sean Hannity’s interview last night with John Solomon and Sara Carter.

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4 thoughts on “Well, this is awkward

  • October 18, 2017 at 11:06 am

    No problem the LSM will never have this as a lead! so folk depending on “news”papers or TV will not know!

    A perfect example is a very rich coward who got shot at in Nam, called his rich parents, and got ordered out after serving 25% (1/4) of a tour. The LSM lied and said the chick*n shit son of a who*e SERVED 2 TERMS!

    • October 18, 2017 at 11:39 am

      Who was that?

  • October 18, 2017 at 11:08 am

    I understand Rev Jeremiah Wright’s sermon to the Dems this Sunday will be something about chickens coming home to roost.

  • October 18, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    He ran for President in ’04. His acceptance speech started with, “…reporting for duty!”

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