Whaaaaaat?!!! She lied?!

Hang on to your hijabs, folks. I got some shocking news for you.

So, that Muslim girl who claimed she was attacked by Trump supporters in the NYC subway?

Yeah. She lied.

I’m shocked! Completely stunned! Why, this is so unexpected that I —

No. I can’t even pretend to be surprised.

There was no attack.

And there were no drunken Trump supporters. Or sober Trump supporters for that matter.

Apparently the only drunk here was the girl. She stayed out past curfew and didn’t want her parents to know. So the little liar fabricated the elaborate story to save her own ass.

I guess, “Sorry, Dad. The train broke down in the tunnel” was just to complicated for her to remember.

Instead, she created this fiction of being the target of “Muslim bias” by “drunken Trump supporters” who called her a “terrorist” and told her to “go back to your country!”

It’s funny. I write the post How exactly do Muslim women defend themselves against Fake Hate Crimes and then this story breaks.

In that post, I wrote:

I suppose CAIR could just pretend to teach them self-defense. That would be more than enough training to prepare them for pretend attacks.
Personally, I think these women would be safe carrying an imaginary can of Mace and an invisible rape whistle.
Maybe CAIR can also offer them free classes on how to fend off alien abductions while they’re at it.
Though it might prove more helpful to give them the name of a lawyer for when they get charged with filing a false police report.

And, yeah. This young Muslim girl was arrested for filing a false police report.

I call that Schadenfreude.

But the Schadenfreude doesn’t stop there.

Her parents were so disgusted with the little liar, they made her shave her head.

The only thing that will shield these parents from Liberal outrage over shaving this girl’s head is the fact that they’re Muslim.

Come on. You know if this girl was a Baptist from Ozona, her parents would be brought up on charges for shearing their daughter like a sheep.

I don’t blame them for being mortified at how their daughter behaved. And, yes, she did bring shame to them.

On the plus side, she also brought shame to the “Trump supporters are attacking Muslims” “Fake News” narrative.

And that falls in the Schadenfreude column too.

Her parents believe that their shameful little liar has become too “Westernized.”

Um. No. She hasn’t.

Lying, slandering, wasting the police’s time and resources, and casting herself in the role of the Victim – these are not Western characteristics at all.

They are characteristics of the Left.

She didn’t become “Westernized;” she became “Liberalized.”

What’s truly sad is the Enslaved Press and the Left will not abandon this “Fake News” narrative that Muslims are being terrorized by roving band of barbarian Trump supporters.

It doesn’t matter how many of these reports prove to be lies.

They’ll never let it go.

Hat tip the New York Post

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