What a flake

What a flake

Continuing its tradition of playing host to any Republican who refuses to support Donald Trump, CNN invited Arizona Senator Jeff “Gang of Eight” Flake on “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper.

Flake bemoaned the fact that Hillary Clinton just might win Arizona in November — turning this solidly red state blue for the first time in twenty years.

Naturally, Senator Flake is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening.

Okay, no, he’s not.

If Flake really wanted to be certain Hillary loses Arizona, you would think he would work tirelessly for the Republican nominee.

But then, if that were the case, CNN never would have invited him on “State of the Union,” now would they?

When asked by Tapper if he would vote for Trump if the election were held today, Flake answered [hat tip Politico]:

“I just know that I would like to vote for Donald Trump. It’s not comfortable to not support your nominee. But, given the positions that he has taken and the tone and tenor of his campaign, I simply can’t.”

Way to make sure Arizona stays red, you idiot.

But don’t worry, folks.

Those Never Trump people aren’t helping Hillary win. Nope. Not one bit.

After Flake publicly announced that he can’t support Trump, Donald Trump hit him back.

I happen to agree with that.

Flake was one of the four Republican Senators from the Gang of Eight. If there’s one thing Jeff Flake isn’t going to do, it’s try and stop illegal aliens from flooding into the country.

Evan McMullin, in an effort to seem relevant, decided he needed to get into the fray.

Who’s Evan McMullin?

He’s the Never Trump presidential candidate whose mission is to make sure Donald Trump is defeated by siphoning votes away from him and clearing the path for Hillary.

But he’s not trying to get Hillary elected. No! He really thinks he will win.

No, really.

Jeff Flake is a “courageous leader?!”

Hang on a second. I have to go laugh my ass off.

Okay. I’m back.

Jeff Flake is a “strong conservative leader?!”

Sorry. I need another second.

Okay! Here I am.

If anyone could lecture us about uniting us, it’s the guy who’s sole mission is to divide conservatives and Republicans while siphoning votes away from the nominee. Now THAT’S unity!

Tell me, Evan. How is Jeff Flake uniting voters in Arizona? How is he showing the leadership necessary to prevent Hillary from winning the state?

Seems to me, going on CNN — the satellite office of the Clinton Campaign Headquarters — and telling their sixteen viewers that he isn’t going to support the only viable candidate positioned to defeat Hillary isn’t uniting anybody except Hillary supporters.

If Jeff Flake were a true “conservative leader” he would grasp the importance of stopping that felonious, venal hag from winning in November.

Jeff Flake the strong “conservative leader” with an F-rating from Conservative Review.

Does Evan McMullin know what a conservative is?

But don’t worry, folks.

These assholes trying to defeat our nominee aren’t helping Hillary win.

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3 thoughts on “What a flake

  • September 5, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    I’m sorry to see the bias and negativity in this so-called reporting. Donald Trump’s remarks equal cyber-bullying, and decent people like Evan McMullin called him on it. If you want to make fun of people standing up for what they believe in, that’s your choice. I hope you’ll be more open-minded and less sarcastic in your next article.

    Oh, honey. Are you lost? Did you think you stumbled on the AP newswire? This is a site for conservative commentary (AKA pretty biased) and satire (AKA not serious reporting). I would have thought the photoshopped image at the top of this post would have served as a great big clue. My bad. – Dianny

    • September 5, 2016 at 1:54 pm

      Yeah, that probably won’t happen, but keep the dream alive!

  • September 6, 2016 at 8:50 am

    We need our spineless RINOs called out. Any Republican working hand in hand with Durbin, Schumer, Menendez and Bennet cannot be trusted. Where were their principles when Flake, Rubio, McLain and Graham sided with the Democrats for amnesty? That same amnesty which would bring in millions of new voters to swell Democrat ranks.

    But we can’t support Trump because we have principles to stand by? Bwahahahha, yeah okay.

    Also, if anybody can’t take being called -weak- because their political stance is weak, best they go find one of those mental safe zones to hide in. Hardly what I would call cyber-bullying.

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