What a Jerk

I about fell over when I heard that John Kasich, while appearing on one of the Sunday shows, called for Ted Cruz to drop out of the race instead of him. This from a man who has failed to win any other state but his own (a feat even Howard Dean was able to accomplish in 2004).

We just had another couple primaries last night and Kasich failed to earn a single delegate. Cruz, though not the frontrunner, is the only candidate to have received a majority of votes in any of the states that have held contests. But Cruz should drop out so John Kasich can continue his vanity campaign?

What a jerk.

Jeremy Carl has a great essay over at National Review Online called “The Insane Campaign of John Kasich.”

The campaign of John Kasich is a joke, and not a particularly funny one, unless you like humor at the expense of the GOP and conservatism. Yet the media and GOP establishment has largely failed to call Kasich out. But with his embarrassing losses in Utah and Arizona yesterday (incredibly, it appears he lost the latter even to Rubio, who has been out of the race for a week now), it is long past time to throw Kasich’s campaign into the ash heap of history.

It’s a pretty honest assessment of what can only be described as the petulant, quixotic campaign run by a sanctimonious fool.

The Kasich campaign’s notion that GOP delegates will ignore Trump and Cruz, and then anoint Kasich, who was decisively rejected by voters in the vast majority of GOP primaries, is literally nuts. It is possible that a Trump nomination would destroy the GOP, but an attempt by insiders to hand the nomination to Kasich over two candidates who decisively beat him at the polls would definitely destroy the GOP. The fact that this silliness is even being entertained indicates that much of the establishment appears to be stuck in the “denial” stage of the grief process.
For the GOP nomination right now, there are only two choices, Trump and Cruz. Anyone who believes otherwise, including Kasich and his enablers, is in fantasyland. Any action taken that does not help Cruz helps Trump. Any endorsement that does not go to Cruz is, de facto, an endorsement of Trump. Any candidate, such as Kasich, who takes votes from Cruz, aids Trump.

It’s worth checking out in its entirety.

What a jerk

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4 thoughts on “What a Jerk

  • March 23, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Kasich should call for Bernie Sanders to drop out, since Kasich has a better chance of becoming the Democrat nominee than the Republican!

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