What a mook

Katie Couric had Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook on her Yahoo News program and she asked him about Hillary’s trust problem.

And the big mook actually had this to say. Watch:


Couric: “I’m sure you’ve been asked this time and time again, but 57 percent of all voters say they don’t trust her, partially because of the email controversy and the ongoing FBI investigation. As this swirls around her, how do you effectively counter that perception?”
Mook: “Well, the Republicans — particularly the House Republicans … uh … you now … are trying to dust up this email [finger quotes] pseudo-controversy.”
Couric: “So how do you fight that?”
Mook: “Well .. be … because, actually I … I think this election will be about trust. I think it’s about who voters can trust to fight on their side, make their life better, help them afford health care, help them afford college. That’s what this election will be about. They cannot trust Donald Trump to fight for them. They cannot trust Ted Cruz to fight for them. They cannot trust the Republican Party to fight for the. So that … I hope that’s what this election is about and Hillary will win that contest overwhelmingly. I’m not concerned.”
Couric: “So you’re going to use sort of the questions about her trustworthiness, you’re planning to flip that and emphasize trust in the general?”
Mook: “Well, the issue is that the House Republicans, through partisan attacks, are trying to … you know … throw her character into question And all of these claims are bogus. She sat in front of a Republican committee for 11 hours on these controversies, on Benghazi and emails. She answered every question. Nothing. We’ve heard nothing. So, absolutely, let’s make this about who voters trust to fight for them, and that’s going to be Hillary Clinton.”

Yeah. Pretty ballsy ain’t it?

As an aside, anybody else find this guy’s over-the-top facial expressions really disconcerting? Play the video again only this time mute the sound. He looks like a freaking silent film actor, doesn’t he?

What a mook-01

What a mook-02

What a mook-03

What a mook.

I rarely use this phrase because it’s so over-used, but honestly, does this guy have a punchable face or what?

what a mook-04

Anybody who is stunned that the Clinton camp is actually hoping to make the case for Hillary being the trustworthy one while her opponents are all evil and duplicitous should take a moment to consider the lies Donald Trump’s been peddling over the last several weeks.

And just like Trump is hoping that repeating a lie often enough will get people to buy into it, Hillary is doing the same. That’s why this investigation by the FBI is being pawned off as some “bogus” Republican attempt to sully her pure and noble image. That’s why this mook does his best imitation of a prissy, effete prick while he uses air quotes and laughs off her felonious behavior as being nothing more than the schemes of a crooked and evil Republican Party (much the same way Trump claims he is the victim of the schemes of a crooked and evil Republican Party).

This election will go down in history as the one George Orwell’s ghost must have scripted. Up is down. Left is right. Black is white. Good is bad. Republicanism is stealing. Felonious behavior is trustworthy.

We really have entered the Twilight Zone, my friends.

Well, a silent film version of the Twilight Zone at least.

Right, you mook?


Hat tip Washington Free Beacon.

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2 thoughts on “What a mook

  • April 20, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    Yes, you can trust Hillary because it was those wascally Wepubwiccans that forced her to buy that server and forced her to send and store sensitive and top secret email on it over and over and over again, right after they convinced Monica to seduce Bill as part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
    The same Republicans, I guess, that forced her to ignore all those requests for security from Benghazi and then convinced her to blame a video.

    I see it! Pass the Kool-Aid!

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