What if she plays the victim?


There’s a heck of a lot of speculation over what we might expect from tonight’s debate.

Will Hillary stick to her “policy wonk” script in order to prove to America that she knows her stuff?

Does she have a memorized arsenal of attacks and accusations with which to hit Mr. Trump?

Will she turn into her default School Marm/Nurse Ratched angry persona?

Or will she play the victim?

Hillary has gotten a lot of mileage out of playing the victim.

You know, because she’s a woman.

In the Left’s schizophrenic world, being an “empowered woman” means playing the victim.

I don’t get it, but there you go.

Hillary has made full use of the “I am Victim, hear my kvetch” routine her entire career.

She’s a victim of a “vast rightwing conspiracy.”

Because she’s a woman, she’s a victim of a double standard.

[There is a double standard for Hillary, but it is in her favor.]

Remember back in 2000 when Hillary ran against Republican Rick Lazio? In their debate, he stepped away from the podium to give Hillary a pledge not to accept “soft money” in her campaign.

The Clinton-loving press treated it as if Lazio came after Hillary with a meat cleaver fixing to hack her to death in front of cameras.

They vilified him.

Hillary was treated like some fragile Faberge Egg that had to be protected from mean old Rick Lazio and his scary assault paper.

This woman even plays the victim when a journalist does his job.

Just look at what happened to Matt Lauer after he asked what we on Planet Earth call “questions.” Her campaign acted as though Lauer had pantsed her on national television.

If Hillary Clinton got frequent flyer miles every time she used the Victim Card, she could travel to Mars and back for free.

The fact that Team Clinton is demanding that moderator Lester Holt serve as her wing-man during the debate leads me to suspect that they are prepping for full Victim Card deployment once again.

If she does play the Victim, some will applaud it.

You know, the Gloria-Steinemy-all-men-are-rapists-women-are-victims crowd. They’ll eat it up with a spoon.

But those women are already so committed to Hillary, they’d vote for her even if Granny dropped dead before election day.

Most Americans don’t want a President who plays the victim.

We have this kooky notion that a President should be able to stand up to brutal tyrants. And if they can stand up to tyrants, they should be able to handle the slings and arrows hurled at a debate.

A Presidential candidate who has to scamper away and hide behind the Victim card won’t appeal to very many people.

[Except the Gloria-Steinemy-all-men-are-rapists-women-are-victims crowd.]

There are some major risks in Hillary playing the Victim Card at tonight’s debate.

This is shaping up to be a record-setting audience. Playing the victim will leave viewers wondering if this woman can’t face a political opponent in a relatively safe environment like a debate, how the hell can she stand up for America against enemies that want to kill us?

ISIS won’t be offering Hillary a booster podium if you know what I mean.

If Donald Trump goes into this debate with the same measured and presidential stature with which he has presented himself over the last couple months, Hillary playing the victim card in response will make her look exceedingly weak.

It’s also a huge mistake for Team Clinton to be demanding Lester Holt remove his moderator hat and play this year’s Candy Crowley.

As the New York Post editorial board points out today:

Worse (for the Clinton team, anyway), a moderator who keeps going after Trump is just going to strike most viewers as biased — and feed his anti-establishment aura.
Indeed, the ceaseless liberal-media attacks on Trump (extending even to silly hysteria over his son’s Skittles tweet) have been a huge factor in shoring up his support from the GOP base: In frantically pushing liberal buttons to drive voters to Clinton, they’ve also pushed conservative and even moderate buttons to push more voters the other way.

My guess is, her army of debate prep people probably drilled into her head that she resist the urge to play the victim.

But here’s the problem.

Hillary Clinton is so used to playing the victim card, it’s going to be extremely difficult for her to resist whipping it out in this debate.

It is Hillary’s go-to escape hatch any time she gets backed into a corner or forced to defend herself.

If Trump’s previous debates are any indication, he is an expert at backing people into a corner.

Because he is a natural street fighter, Mr. Trump knows how to sniff out vulnerabilities and exploit them to his advantage.

And Hillary’s single biggest vulnerability when it comes to Presidential politics is her penchant for playing the victim.

If she attempts to quash that urge, what will leak out instead is that shrill, angry, defensive persona that turns off so many voters.

There’s a reason Clinton’s limited campaign events are so meticulously staged and carefully planned. Hillary Clinton does not do well in an unscripted environment.

Spontaneity within a contentious atmosphere just isn’t in her wheelhouse. She simply doesn’t have the temperament to keep her cool and roll with the punches.

The DNC knew this. That’s why Debbie Wasserman-Schultz scheduled the debates when no one would be watching. She wanted to limit the damage a contentious debate would do to an over-rehearsed and scripted candidate like Hillary Clinton.

Trump may be a neophyte in the political debate arena, but he’s no stranger to unpredictability. In a year’s time, he has found a way to use debates to his political advantage.

Hillary, on the other hand, has yet to master the medium in the sixteen years that she’s been running for office.

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2 thoughts on “What if she plays the victim?

  • September 26, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Just about all the “cards” in her arsenal can easily be shredded to pieces for a guy like Trump. If she plays the victim card, all he has to do is point out how the Islamic Terrorists and countries treat women like 4th class human beings, so if she can’t handle a little heat during an interview, how is she going handle those savages?

    Every world dictator has chewed up and spit out Obama at will, how is she going to handle them? Start a #hashtag war on Twitter accusing them of being part of the #waronwomen?

    If she accuses Trump of not having foreign diplomacy knowledge, he retorts with her screwing the pooch in Russia, the Middle East, Haiti, etc etc. If she brings up Trump U or his business dealings, he brings up the Clinton Foundation. If she brings up his tax returns, he brings up her missing e-mails and her tax return where they donated most of their charity money to themselves at the Clinton Foundation. She accuses him of being being sexist, he brings up Bill and her involvement in oppressing the victims. She doesn’t dare bring up national security, terrorism, job creation or things like that, that’s really inviting an embarrassing beat down.

    I’m still predicting 47 minutes before she loses it.

  • September 26, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    She will likely need to get pumped up with a whole lotta drugs to get her up on her booster podium, but will the drugs last the full 90 minutes, will she be so high that she can’t speak coherently? Will she have an eye googling head bobbing shoe losing episode on the stage? Doesn’t matter. Donald Trump will win, no matter what the leftist media says.

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