What is with that creepy smile?

Hillary Clinton appeared on PBS News Hour the other day and actually claimed that one of the things that makes her supremely qualified to be President of the United States is her … wait for it … experience handling classified material.

I know!

Watch the clip for yourself. But forget the utter nonsense of her claims and pay close attention to that that creepy smile of hers.

Seriously. What is with that creepy smile?!

Does anyone else get the impression that her campaign people have drilled into her head that one way to make herself appear more likeable is to smile at the camera?

Creepy smile

It makes me think of this episode of “Bones” where Dr. Brennan is told by a trial consultant that she comes off cold and robotic on the stand. The consultant tells Dr. Brennan to look at the jurors while she testifies and to try and smile.

Naturally, the results are less than satisfactory. Dr. Brennan simply looks like a smiling robot.

There’s smiling and then there’s smiling.

Hillary’s attempts to show her teeth are just as creepy and robotic as Dr. Brennan’s. It certainly doesn’t help that 90% of the time she smiles, her eyes are closed. It looks less like a smile and more like a grimace.

When someone is genuinely smiling, the smile reaches her eyes. Hillary’s smile looks more like she’s bearing her teeth.


I can’t say as I blame Team Clinton for trying to find ways to make this robotic ice queen look more human.

The truth is, things are not going well for Hillary Clinton. 56% of the American people believe she should have been indicted for her mishandling of classified information.

Americans simply do not like her.

I’m sure the Clinton Camp hoped that the FBI choosing not to recommend indictment and the Justice Department closing the case would translate into a win. But skating on this criminal investigation has made the matter worse.

Now, instead of just distrusting Hillary, Americans have little if any faith in any justice system that would let her get away scot free.

Does Team Clinton really believe that lying to us with a constipated grimace on her face is going to change any of that?

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  • July 12, 2016 at 10:17 am

    A) ” constipated grimace”
    Q) What is a “rejected name for a McDonalds Happy Meal figure”?

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