What’s next: Claiming to be transgendered?

Remember young master CJ Pearson, the Georgia boy with the nasty publicity addiction?

As I mentioned last month, the young tike made a big stink announcing that he was leaving the Conservative movement and becoming an Independent.

Well, now, the young fella — desperately chasing the dragon of notoriety — has come out in support of Bernie Sanders.

No surprises there.

Most of the people who support Bernie Sanders never worked a day in their life, lack what we on Planet Earth call “common sense,” are idealistic dreamers who haven’t the maturity to make informed decisions.

You know, they’ve got the emotional age of a thirteen year old boy.

So, Bernie Sanders is tailor-made for young CJ.

Clearly CJ thinks Bernie is his ticket to finding the Everlasting Gobstopper of an attention fix.

So far, it’s working:

I tootled over to his Twitter feed just for yuks, and clearly this young boy is gobbling up all the Sandersnistas’ attention like Pac Man gobbles up dots and cherries.

His page was filled with retweet after retweet from Bernie Sanders’ supporters crowing about having secured the support of a boy five years too young to vote.

What these silly people don’t understand is, CJ didn’t leave the Conservative Movement. The Conservative Movement exposed him as an attention-grubbing fraud. When he wasn’t getting his daily fix of the limelight from us, he moved on to the a more gullible crop of people who are less likely to be turned off by someone who fabricates hoaxes to garner attention.

Which may explains why he and BLM hacktivist Deray McKesson have become chummy.

Eventually, the Bernie people will grow tired of his incessant need for attention. I suppose when that happens, CJ may be desperate enough to seek more extreme measures to get his publicity fix. Perhaps claiming to be transgendered?

In the meantime, CJ is using the same bravado he used against timid Liberals against Conservatives — completely forgetting young Conservatives are anything but timid.

Yesterday Master Pearson tweeted out this cocksure pronouncement:

Silly rabbit.

Conservatives aren’t the frightened little bunnies on the Left. All your ballsy talk that made you a YouTube sensation only works when the people you are lambasting either A) don’t care you exist or B) are Liberals who run from debates.

You can’t use the same “tough-guy” tactics on Conservatives.

I gotta say, I’d love to see Markeece Young debate little CJ. Of course that would be like having Floyd Mayweather fight Alfalfa from Our Gang. And I wouldn’t want to condone a completely lopsided fight.

And, honestly? My suggestion to every conservative considering engaging with this boy on any level. Don’t do it. You’re only feeding the gargantuan ego that resides in that wee little kid.

And that’s the last thing this little publicity junkie needs.

Never enable an addict.

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2 thoughts on “What’s next: Claiming to be transgendered?

  • December 11, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    I don’t get my political opinions or philosophical outlook on life from 12 year olds.
    I pity those that do.

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