When bomb-throwing fails

When bomb-throwing fails

You know what I love about the Enslaved Press?

Okay, nothing. I don’t love anything about them.

You know what makes me happy about the Enslaved Press?

They really are deeply stupid people.

The Enslaved Press wants to take Donald Trump out. More than anything in the universe, they want to take Donald Trump out.

But they’re just so inept that every single time they try the blow up Trump, their bomb blows up on them.

Like this:

Here’s what I think is going on right now.

Two radical Islamic terrorists pull of the single deadliest terror attack on US soil since 9/11.

One of these terrorists is an American born son of two refugees. The other is a foreign born woman granted a fiancé visa by the US Government. At a time when the White House wants Americans to just bend over and let tens of thousands of refugees (the vast majority of them Muslim) into the US while claiming that each refugee will be “robustly” and “thoroughly screened,” the last thing they need is two people who kinda fly in the face of the narrative pulling off any kind of terror attack, let alone the single deadliest terror attack on US since 9/11.

So the Enslaved Press and the White House — working as a team as always — decide to take the focus off of the Muslim terrorists and place it instead on guns.

Problem is, the vast majority of Americans aren’t buying it. The vast majority of Americans do not want refugees from Muslim countries coming here.

But that doesn’t stop them. Guns, guns, guns. It wasn’t the fault of a porous border or incompetent “screening.” It was the fault of America’s “gun culture.”

And along comes Donald Trump who, unlike the White House, the Democrat Party, the Enslaved Press, and pretty much everyone in the DC establishment, actually is paying attention to what the American people think and want.

He points out the obvious. We have to stop all immigration of Muslim foreigners into the US at least temporarily.

The majority of Americans think, “Well, duh.”

And the White House-commanded narrative falls apart like an old, frayed sweater in the spin cycle.

And this is precisely why the Enslaved Press is having a collective hissy fit over Trump’s statement.

The problem is, the Enslaved Press has spent so much time over the last decade “framing” the narrative and attempting to shape public opinion, they’ve become deaf, dumb and blind to what Americans actually think.

Trust me. Nobody is more stunned to discover the majority of Americans agree with Trump than the Enslaved Press.

And, no. It isn’t because Trump is some foreign policy genius.

His position on halting immigration is pretty much a no-brainer.

Well, it’s a no-brainer to everyone except those who have no brains. Like, oh, say, the Enslaved Press.

Hell, even Obama knows it’s the sensible thing to do to keep America safe. It isn’t that Barack doesn’t think it would actually help. He knows it does. But he isn’t interested in doing something that will actually protect the homeland if that particular something prevents him from being able to fundamentally transform the country.

But the Enslaved Press are stunned and slack-jawed.

Because they’re just that stupid.

And here we go again. The morons in the Enslaved Press thought for sure they had Trump backed into a corner over this Muslim Immigration statement.

But all they’ve managed to do is draw a hell of a lot of attention to the debate. And Americans, many, many Americans are suddenly paying attention — not to guns, guns, guns. They’re paying attention to the threat of importing radical Islam through our immigration and refugee programs.

Boom goes the bomb. Not directly over the Donald. But in the faces of the idiots in the Enslaved Press.

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2 thoughts on “When bomb-throwing fails

  • December 9, 2015 at 10:38 am

    I am thoroughly enjoying what Trump is doing. The establishment Republicans and Democrats are about to have an aneurism over his comments.
    Lindsey Graham; “You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”
    Paul Ryan; “This is not conservatism, what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. And more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for.”
    John Kerry; “I stay out of politics, but on this one I have to say something because it involves my job, it involves our country. What Mr. Trump has said runs contrary to U.S. values of religious tolerance and makes our job of reaching out to people and sharing America just that much more complicated and that much more difficult. And that’s about as diplomatic as I can be about it.”
    Republican National Committee member Henry Barbour; “Trump’s comments aren’t worthy of someone who wants to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Trump would be a disaster politically for the GOP if he won the nomination.”
    Carly Fiorina told reporters; “Maybe you should quit focusing on Donald Trump so much.”
    Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.; “It does not reflect serious thought. It’s not our party. It’s not our country.”
    Trump is getting tons of free press coverage and the other candidates are paying huge sums to run their campaign ads.

  • December 9, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    MSM=Morally challenged, mind nummed, commie brainwashed, egotistical, special little snowflake, useful idiots. Once the revolution is over, they are the first ones murdered by the new management. “The harbingers of truth,” are slaves to thier insane masters. Once in power those insane masters no longer need the press to carry thier water and polish thier turds. That becomes the job of the secret police and the enforcers. Thier unconcious stupidityis almost pitiable. They have sold thier souls for an exclusive scoop, a shocking statement, a politically motivated gotcha question, a pulitzer prize winning photo, a revealing interview, or an outright falsehood that destroys thier target/opponent’s charactor and life. We should point and laugh at these dispicable human beings. Turn the lights around on them, expose them, for the cockroaches they really are. They are the vile creatures who have let this country and the world down by not reporting the truth, and exposing the lies of thier insane masters. They polish turds like Obama, Hitlary and others to a brilliant sheen, sprinkle them with glitter, and tell everyone that they can be safely picked up by the clean end. They have masterfully convinced most of the world that the devil doesn’t exist. Stay strong and alert. Thier work isn’t done yet.

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