This weekend, Cher, 80s pop idol and QUEEN OF THE ALL CAPS TWEET took to her Twitter feed to express genuine fear over the migration of Muslims into the EU which led to the terror attack in Paris on November 13th.

You see, Cher has friends who live in the EU. And what they are experiencing made this whole mess real for her.

I can’t post the tweet here because she deleted it after her followers became super-duper upset. If it weren’t for the fact that I saw the tweet myself, I wouldn’t have known about it.

Though she did try and explain why she tweeted it out:

Then, on Sunday, she took a direct shot at the US Visa program. The angry Leftists, who follow her to vicariously lap up her vitriol against Republicans, went berserk.

So beaten down by their outrage, Cher did what any thin-skinned Liberal would do. She deleted that tweet too.

Fortunately, that one was captured:
when you lose cher

But let’s be honest, WHEN YOU LOSE CHER — even momentarily — you know you’re on the losing side of the battle.

So what’s the lesson here?

Is it that Cher is coming around and seeing the light?


Perhaps in her gut she is willing to acknowledge that the fear most Americans have about unleashing into the population unvetted and questionable “refugees” is justifiable. But having tested the waters of Twitter, the only lesson Cher has learned is that voicing her gut feelings will result in the Safe Space Shock Troops being deployed against her.

The lesson for us isn’t what Cher has come to believe.

The lesson is how her belligerent Twitter followers responded.

Here’s the situation.

Liberals happily support every wacked out Leftist policy because they know the majority of them will never, ever have to deal with the inevitable destruction that policy will produce.

It’s why they favored Obamacare. None of those limousine liberals or their sycophantic college-age followers are ever going to have to lie awake at night worrying about whether they can afford their insurance premium rate increase.

It’s why they don’t have a problem with a flood of illegal aliens pouring over the border. They will never have to worry about those illegals living in their toney neighborhoods. And since their children go to private schools, the fact that the local public school is being overloaded with illegal alien minors who are putting a drain on resources doesn’t affect them one iota.

It’s why they support Obama’s refugee program for Muslim migrants. Those Muslim migrants aren’t going to end up living in Beverly Hills, Aspen, the Hamptons, Cape Cod, Mountain Lake Estates or Casey Key. So what do they care?

The only reason Cher actually expressed some alarm is because she knows people who live in the European Union. It became real to her.

And the sputtering outrage that landed on her for expressing any fear or concern came from people for whom this Jihad by Emigration is not in the least bit real.

They can cling to their naïve, starry-eyed beliefs because the threat of radical Islamic terrorists cannot penetrate their hermetically-sealed bubble of existence.

There’s a Mitch Rapp book about a terrorist cell that is making its way to the US to commit a terror attack on Washington, DC. As part of the back story, Mitch Rapp and the rest of the CIA are in the crosshairs of a Senator from California who is very much patterned after Barbara Boxer. This Senator Lonsdale wants to string Mitch Rapp up by his fingernails — in part because he attempted to interrogate members of the same terror network that had been captured in Afghanistan.

Rapp was trying to stop the attack from happening, but Senator Lonsdale didn’t care. She was sick and tired of the unlawful behavior of those cowboys at the CIA and she was going to take them down come hell or high water.

Then the attack happened. The targets were well-known restaurants near the Capital building. Among the dead were some of Lonsdale’s fellow Senators and her trusted chief of staff.

And she turns on a dime.

Suddenly, it wasn’t hypothetical. Suddenly, it wasn’t happening somewhere else. It happened to her. It hit close to home for her.

Stalin is known to have said, one death is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.

I’d go so far as to expand that to, “One death is a tragedy, the death of millions a statistic, but if one of those millions touches your life, it becomes a tragedy again.”

It’s easy for Cher’s simpleton followers to lash out at her for expressing her concerns because none of this actually touches their lives. They remain comfortably numb to the real world. Which is exactly why their outrage over her tweet was so vicious. In their little bubbles Cher’s purpose is to TWEET OUT EXPLETIVES AT REPUBLICANS AND CALL THEM NAMES IN ALL CAPS — of course with lots of emoticons thrown in for GOOD MEASURE.

Cher isn’t supposed to pierce their hermetically-sealed bubbles with the truth.

Naturally, since Cher is most comfortable being a limousine liberal, unlike Senator Lonsdale, she isn’t going to stand decisively on what she said. She rapidly retreated, deleted the tweets in question and issued an apology — blaming her anger on Trump. Why? Probably because she knows blaming Trump will assuage the raging drones who follow her.

Reality has a nasty way of not respecting emotional “safe spaces.”

That’s what happened on September 11, 2001.

Suddenly it became real to the entire country. Suddenly the protective bubbles of denial burst in one fiery and deadly explosion.

It’s taken fourteen years for these cossetted Liberals to rebuild their safe and secure bubbles.

And even if it were for only one moment, one of their own threatened the safety and security of their own hermetically-sealed bubbles of denial.

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3 thoughts on “WHEN YOU LOSE CHER

  • December 2, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    The shooting that just happened in the land of fruits and nuts might wake some of the people up in San Bernardino.

  • December 2, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    Reality is everyone has transportation which means they could invade so-called limousine liberals neighborhoods. Many of these poor refuges seem to be able to buy cars or obtain them somehow, driving without licenses or knowledge of road rules/safety – WCPGW.

  • December 2, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    Cher is a special somebody who deep down is really nobody special.

    As Bill the Cat from Opus would say “PPFFFTTT!”

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