Where’s the friggin’ panda?!

Today is Bei Bei the panda cub’s first birthday.

Who’s Bei Bei the panda cub?

He’s the baby panda born at the National Zoo in Washington.

To honor this auspicious occasion, Michelle Obama tweeted out this picture.


Awww! Isn’t that panda cute ….


Um. Not to pick nits, Michelle, but where’s the friggin’ panda?!

Who sends out a picture of herself to celebrate someone else’s birthday?

Answer. Michelle Obama. That’s who.

She’s not alone, though.

Barack has a tendency to plaster himself all over other people’s special days too.

It’s like a sickness with these two.

Remember the picture Obama tweeted out to honor Rosa Parks?


Golly. Where’s Rosa?!

And here’s the image Obama tweeted out commemorating the death of Nelson Mandela.


Three years ago, on the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination, here’s the picture Obama tweeted out.


At least JFK appeared in that picture.

This is how the Obamas roll.

They inject themselves into everything.

Remember how the White House edited all the presidential biographies on their website to include some mention of Barack Obama?

As I said years ago, the Obamas are like the Pharaohs — plastering their image over everything.

They can’t help themselves.

I guess when you think you’re the center of the universe, it never occurs to you to do anything different.

Honestly. These people.

Has there ever been a more self-centered, narcissistic couple in the history of the universe?

[hat tip Weasel Zippers]

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2 thoughts on “Where’s the friggin’ panda?!

  • August 23, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    It was a surprise to me during the first couple years of the Obamas in the White House that they seemed to have snubbed Oprah; they have so much in common. There is never an issue of O’s magazine that doesn’t include Herself on the cover. Even Michelle couldn’t stand alone. Come to think of it, whenever I introduce two people who I think have a lot in common, they do often dislike each other. Hmm…

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