Which is it?

When Indiana got called for Trump last night, I went on Twitter to take the temperature of Trump supporters. Let me tell you, if I were a Mom and the Trump supporters were my kid, I’d be concerned that his elevated temperature would lead to a seizure. Reading those tweets left me with one pertinent question: Which is it?

You see, most of the tweets fell into one of two conflicting categories:
• You crybaby losers! Now unite behind our guy or it’s your fault if he loses!
• Screw you, crybaby losers! We don’t need you!

Well, which is it? You need all Republicans to unite or you don’t need all Republicans to unite? It can’t be both.

Naturally, there were also variations on those themes: “Enjoy President Hillary you losers” was also a popular addendum that often accompanied the “You better unite behind Trump!”

And the “We don’t need you” people often added the caveat that when Trump wins, everyone who didn’t unite would get what’s coming to them!!!! [Truth is, so will Trump supporters if you want to be honest.]

If you don’t need the non-Trump voters, why turn around and declare that if Trump loses it’ll be all their fault? Seriously, which is it? Either Trump needs everyone to unite to win or he can win without us.

So, which is it?

I saw this hilarious tweet from Ben Howe that pretty much summed things up:

It’s a typical reaction of the Left to be hateful and ugly in defeat and even more hateful and ugly in victory. Anybody else remember how things went down when they got Obama in office in 2009? I mean, here their guy won, but they became so vitriolic and hateful, it was downright ugly.

This is the danger of using a scorched earth strategy to win the primaries. It’s why Ronald Reagan detested this method of winning. What’s particularly sad is, despite the inevitability of a Trump nomination, the scorched earth, “hateful and ugly in victory” attitude continues from far too many of the pro-Trump people.

I wouldn’t want to be Reince Priebus right now, I can tell you that. I think he is fully aware that he has a royal mess on his hands. Down ticket Republicans are going to be collateral damage to the scorching, and he knows it.

Which is it

I’m not certain even choosing a conservative running mate will be enough to stem the bleeding. Principled conservatives may not want to link themselves to the Trump campaign. Others, who may believe Trump will go down in miserable defeat may not want to hitch their political futures to his falling star (or, as Lindsey Graham put it, that would be like buying a ticket for the Titanic).

There are some that hope Trump will choose Ted Cruz as a way to mend fences and get Republicans to unite. But I don’t know if that’s anything more than wishful thinking. There may be too many among the grassroots who will see that as a betrayal in much the same way they saw Ben Carson’s endorsement of Trump as a betrayal. Others, like myself, believe that Cruz is far too valuable to lose in the Senate — especially with the very good likelihood Republicans lose their majority. We may need his trademark “thorn in their sides” presence to combat the radical Left Democrats.

I also think Trump’s supporters will be outraged if Cruz were to be chosen as Trump’s running mate. Trump has done such a successful job of utterly destroying him in their eyes, his presence on the ticket would send them into fits of rage. Although it may give them a preview of the bitter disappointment they’ll probably experience should Trump win the White House, so there is that.

So, which is it?

Though the bravado from those bellowing, “Screw you! We don’t need you!” may make them feel better, the truth is, Trump will have no chance of winning without a unified party. And even those “We don’t need you” people, if they are honest with themselves, probably realize this is true.

The problem is Trump’s own actions over the last nine months may have made it impossible to bring about that much-needed unity. Something I am certain is keeping Reince Priebus up at night.

It’s just a sad reality that many non-Trump supporters will probably remain #NeverTrump all the way through election day. Some of them may decide that they have no choice but to once again hold their nose and vote for the unpalatable Republican just to keep the far-Left Democrat out of the White House. Others will write in someone else or vote for the Libertarian. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if in November, the Libertarian may find himself doing far better than any Libertarian before him.

What is certain is the objective most Trump supporters were hoping for, they got. They wanted the Republican Party to be burned down. And they succeeded.

What they hadn’t expected (and for the life of me I know not why) was it would become imperative to try and bring the ashes back together. In that respect, in the process of setting the fire, they too may get burned.

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3 thoughts on “Which is it?

  • May 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    I was lamenting our choices this November with artist John Cox. He likened it thusly:
    “Have you ever had to choose between ptomaine or salmonella for dinner?”

  • May 4, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    “I also think Trump’s supporters will be outraged if Cruz were to be chosen as Trump’s running mate.”

    Those assholes now hate a man that none of them really know as evidenced by the moron yesterday morning talking to Cruz asking questions and refusing to hear the truthful answers. He was a bully and it’s a damn shame nobody couldn’t come over and wipe that smirk off his face. In typical bully like fashion they made fun of the man’s appearance, his wife, his father, his mother without ever researching the man. They closed their eyes, plugged their ears and then they hooked up a cable from Trump’s foul mouth to their brain and absorbed the programming.

    I’ve dealt with those types when I was a lad growing up and they didn’t feel all that great after I busted them in the face a few. They never though I could hit that hard until their faces welled up. After each time, it was sorry, how about you tag along for this activity to which I declined. I didn’t need their company nor was I willing to go along because it was the in crowd. My ally was the force and a powerful ally it is…Wait, I meant to say my ally is my brain and it worked at a much higher lever than theirs.

    I will never vote for a piece of shit like Trumpf even if we being invaded. Reince and his pals can kiss off or actually do something at the convention to rid the party of the scourge Don J Trumpf

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