White House Press Corps? More like White House Hecklers Corps

White House Press Corps drunken lout

Yesterday President Trump held a summit with new media conservatives and the White House Press Corps got their nose out of joint.

But that’s nothing new.  Any time conservatives new media folks darken the door of the White House, the smug prats of the Press Corps act like insufferable country club matrons sniffing in disgust over “the low class of people” being allowed within their rarified confines.

And during the President’s Rose Garden event, these pampered, privileged snobs of the White House Press Corps were forced to stand in the back while the new media guests got to sit up front.

The indignity of it all!

So “real journalist” Brian Karem of Playboy Magazine (because nothing says “hard-hitting journalism” like Playboy) decided to give voice to his disdain.  He began to heckle the assembled White House guests – mocking them and insulting them from his place in the back.

One of the guests, Jim Hanson, captured it on his cell phone camera:

I wouldn’t say Karem was “sad.”

Instead, I’d say Karem is a loudmouth prick.  And, I suspect, a bit of a tippler as well.

Am I wrong?  Does this lout sound like he had a liquid lunch or is that just me?

I think the thing White House Press Corps hate most about President Trump is he does not show them the level of reverence and ass-kissing they think they are owed.

And worse, this President lets commoners dirty up the place with their cheap shoes and their lack of credentials.

And as I wrote back in January 2017 in my column “It’s the White House Press Corps, not an exclusive country club:”

Somewhere along the way, these White House “reporters” decided that the press corps is a private club. And membership therein is only possible if they and they alone approve of the news site in question.

It’s hilarious to watch these hacks who want to control the narrative lose that control.

Their outrage has nothing to do with “journalistic integrity.”

I watched that video and immediately thought of the phrase Ann Coulter coined in her book In Trump We Trust — “the working class versus the smirking class.”

They really do think Trump supporters are garbage.

And even that loud, obnoxious slob Brian Karem thinks he’s better than you.

Because he’s part of the smirking class.

And notice some of the other members of the press corps laughed when he mocked the President’s invited guests. But of course they did.

We’re trash. And they’re our betters.

What’s more, the other members of press corps quickly tweeted out video that only shows the confrontation between Karem and Gorka and conveniently omits the part where Karem was heckling and insulting the White House guests.

Odd how that happens…

…all the time.

Naturally, the Diarist shared the incomplete video:

“Dear Diary,”

It’s odd, isn’t it?  Jim Acosta bangs on endlessly about how he is a real reporter.  But his “reporting” here is retweeting a video from another “reporter” who conveniently left out what led up to this confrontation.

And rather than act like a, you know, reporter, Jim just runs with this video without doing a single bit of background – like questioning those who witnessed it from the beginning or ask to see additional video from all the people who filmed it with their cell phone cameras. He lacks the journalistic skills to root out the story beyond what he sees posted on Twitter by another member of the White House Press Corps.

Then again, that isn’t odd at all because Jim Acosta, like Brian Karem, isn’t a reporter.  Jim, like Brian, is nothing but a heckler with a press pass.

The people doing the mocking and heckling were the White House Press Corps.

Not to get all third grade here, but Brian Karem started it by shouting insults at White House guests.

Of course when Sebastian Gorka responded to Jim Acosta on Twitter, brave, heroic Jim did what he always does when confronted with the truth; he blocked Gorka.

Just spit-balling here.  But if they don’t like the President calling them the enemy of the people, maybe a good way to prove him wrong is A) not to insult ordinary Americans who get invited to the White House. And B) tell the freaking truth.

But they can’t do it.

They hate us. And they really do believe they are better than us.

This is how the White House Press Corps treat the guests of this President.

Hell, it’s how the White House Press Corps treat the President himself.

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4 thoughts on “White House Press Corps? More like White House Hecklers Corps

  • July 12, 2019 at 11:04 am

    I’m sorry if this is somewhat off-color, but the photo of the banana slug on the right suggests that he suffers from a helluva case of blower’s cramp……(is that how he got the gig with Playboy?)

    If Playboy lays him off, those lips could get him a job as an algae eater in the National Aquarium.

    • July 12, 2019 at 12:29 pm

      Maybe it is off-color. But that’s exactly what I thought too.

  • July 12, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    …this President let’s…

    Oh, theres the apostrophe missing from this comment!

    (Dianny, hope you don’t mind such occasional grammar nannying – just want you to look your best. 😉 You can always delete these, o’course.)

  • July 12, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    Gorka was on w/Levin tonight. Said when Trump didn’t take any questions, this clown from Playboy (he was paid by CNN) said under his breath “f’ing moron” in reference to our President. That’s when the battle started.

    Gorka would have absolutely crippled that little twerp.

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