White-Knighting for Fauci

White-Knighting for Fauci

Thursday, after he read my post about Fauci’s unexpected troubles, my brother asked me if this was the end for Fauci, or would the media do its thing and protect him. I told him it was the latter. In fact, the media was already white-knighting for Fauci.

But the thing you have to understand (and maybe you already do) the media aren’t white-knighting for Fauci in order to protect his reputation.

They’re white-knighting for Fauci to protect their reputations.

This is all about self-preservation.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, behind the scenes, some of the folks at CNN and MSNBC were in a rage over what these emails reveal.

I mean it was embarrassing as hell for these prats that they went full-on fan-girl over that felon Michael Avenatti.

But they turned Fauci into a demigod during a pandemic that took the lives of more than 600,000 Americans.

These emails exposing Fauci’s complicity in covering up a possible lab leak from a Chinese lab that Fauci’s agency was giving taxpayer money to is six hundred thousand times worse than sucking up to a Trump-hating ambulance-chasing shyster.

White-knighting for Fauci isn’t about coming to his defense; it’s about covering their own ass.

To show my brother how the white-knighting was already underway, I texted him a couple examples.

Like this one:

On Thursday, CNN tweeted, “Thousands of emails from and to Dr. Fauci reveal the weight that came with his role as a rare source of frank honesty within the Trump administration’s Covid-19 task force.”

Really? Is that what they reveal?

See, CNN is assuming that nobody in its ever-shrinking audience is going to actually sit down and read through all 3,000+ pages of emails. So CNN can spin their contents any way it wants — confident than no CNN viewer will say, “Hang on a tick. In an email on page 2,648 Fauci said …”

Yesterday Politico’s white-knighting for Fauci deployed the go-to “Conservatives pounce” tactic. In tweeting their article on how the emails are making attacks on Fauci “grow more intense,” Politco tweeted “Conservatives are amplifying attacks on Fauci after the release of his emails. And they’re fundraising off of it too.”

Damn those Conservatives and their pouncing fundraising!

Keep in mind, the Democrats used the COVID pandemic to amplify attacks on Trump all in hopes of beating him in November 2020. And, hang on to your hats Politico, they were even fundraising off of it too.

But wait! There’s more!

Democrats (and their media handmaids) are still using COVID to amplify attacks on Ron DeSantis. And not only that, they’re (*gasp*) fundraising off of it too!!!!

Naturally Politico also has to throw in the “conspiracy theory” angle — because what story about pouncing conservatives is complete with the conspiracy theory angle?

The headline in question for this bit of white-knighting for Fauci: “Attacks on Fauci grow more intense, personal and conspiratorial.”

In their defense of Fauci, Politico accuses conservatives of “cherry-picking individual emails” out of the bunch.

Well, yeah. When you have a document dump that consists of 3,234 pages of emails, some of the emails contained are probably fairly mundane. It isn’t as if every single page is going to include Fauci privately contradicting his public statements.

So what’s Politico’s point?

Hey, guys. Just because there are a few emails that show Fauci and his team knew the virus looked engineered while he was publicly scoffing at the idea that it was engineered is no reason to attack the poor man! Leave Fauci ALONE!!!!

While Politico blames conservatives, Fauci himself is claiming that any attacks on him are “really very much an attack on science.” (hat tip Breitbart)

And where did he make this narcissistic little comment?

Why in an interview on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show, of course. Fauci has been using MSNBC to white-knight for him since the emails dropped.

Now, back to my brother’s initial question: is this the end for Fauci?



Nothing is going to happen to him. There will be no congressional hearings, no DOJ investigations.

Why would Congressional Democrats agree to investigate Fauci when they are far more interested in dragging out the January 6 melee at the Capitol all the way to the Midterms?

Likewise, the DOJ is way too busy tracking down every grandma who wandered through the Capitol on January 6 then throwing her in jail without bail to look into Fauci’s involvement in a pandemic that killed six hundred thousand Americans.

Fauci will face consequences around the same time Andrew Cuomo does.

Which is somewhere in the neighborhood of never.

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One thought on “White-Knighting for Fauci

  • June 5, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    The biggest lie of the entire scandemic, which was used to institute the mask, distancing, and lockdown measures, remains unchallenged. The left loudly proclaims 600,000 Americans died FROM covid. This is the most blatant falsehood yet. PCR test cycle thresholds were set at 35, 40, or even higher. At these levels, the test, which was NOT designed to indicate disease or a “case”, results in at least 70% false negatives. A diagnosis of covid was then applied to all who tested positive. Hospitals were paid an extra $17,000 for admissions with the diagnosis, and $38,000 for patients placed on a ventilator. Anyone who died with a positive test was deemed to have died from covid, rather than with covid. This included healthy 20 year olds who died from motorcycle crashes and healthy 40 year olds who fell off ladders and died from intracranial bleeds. The total number of deaths in the US did not change from pre-covid levels, so did 600,000 fewer people die from other causes last year? When the “death toll” from covid reached 200,000, official CDC data showed slightly more than 9000 deaths exclusively from covid, but this fact was never widely disseminated. Now since Pedo Joe has been installed wrongly in the Presidency, labs have been directed to lower the cycle threshold to 28 or less to decrease the number of cases in the US. Presto! Uncle Joe single handedly defeats covid (with a “vaccine” HE developed!). The left, the press, and emperor Fauxci are all in desperate damage control mode, but slowly the truth is coming out. Exposure of more and more damning emails and cover up evidence are the electronic version of saying the quiet parts out loud.

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