Why do dopes keep falling for this crap?

Why do dopes keep falling for this crap?

Apparently, something happened during the Grammy Awards the other night that got the usual dopes on the right clutching their pearls in “well-I-NEVER” indignation.

And thanks to those morons, all the people who ignore the Grammy Awards (including me) now know about it. If they’d only ignored it, the attention-seeking performance would’ve gone unnoticed.

It genuinely amazes me how many people on our side, who are often quick to mock the left for being melodramatic, pearl-clutching, outrage-fueled drama queens, instantly turn into melodramatic, pearl-clutching, outrage-fueled drama queens every time someone on the left gets under their skin.

“It’s SATANIC! How dare the Grammy Awards allow that singer to put on a satanic performance! Well, I NEVER!! We should boycott all the advertisers and send a sternly-written letter to the network, vowing never to tune in again!!”

Hey, I got a better idea. How about next time some asshole on the Left deliberately needles you to get publicity, you don’t take the bait, ya dopes.

For heaven’s sake, stop falling for it!

This pop singer dressing like the devil during an awards show is doing exactly the same thing as the teenage boy in the front row of the movie theater yelling curse words at the top of his lungs is doing. The goal is to draw attention to himself by irritating people.

I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if we found out that this singer spent rehearsals boasting about how pissed off those backwater Christians were going to be when they saw his performance. And kudos, you dopes. You played right into his hands.

I saw all the breathless, angry tweets from people sharing the video of this guy’s performance, and I just shook my head at their stupidity.

See, I don’t live in a bubble. I know intrinsically that making a big freaking deal about this performance would only feed the beast. Thanks to the tireless work of the breathless dopes on the right, that singer’s performance became big news yesterday.

You know what they say. When you are a star, no publicity is bad publicity.

As a thank-you for all the free publicity, that singer, whoever the hell he is, should send a gift basket to every yarn head on the right who screamed blue murder over his performance at the Grammys.

The “How DARE you” outrage mob ensured that this guy’s devil costume performance would be seen by all the people who don’t waste their time watching the Grammys.

Top-notch work, guys. Give yourselves a round of applause.

I imagine if someone kidnapped one of these dopes and set him loose in the woods so a team of armed men could hunt him down, he’d get caught in a snare five minutes in. All the hunters would have to do is set up a laptop playing a Grammy performance in front of a deep hole covered with a tarp, and that dope would stumble right into the trap.

Seriously, don’t take the bait.

How hard is it to avoid such an obvious trap?

Here’s a helpful rule to live by. When confronted by someone deliberately trying to push your buttons, walk away and pretend he doesn’t exist. His power comes from your willingness to engage. It’s what he wants. It’s what he lives for. Why in heaven’s name would you play a game in which your opponent sets all the rules?

Knob-heads like Benny Johnson got a lot of Twitter engagement from posting a video clip of that guy’s performance. His tweeted video (that he likely stole from someone else because that’s what Benny does) had over 2.5 million views when it rolled across my Twitter feed this morning.

I didn’t bother watching it the first time I saw it yesterday morning, and I sure as hell didn’t watch it when it appeared again today. Because, unlike the 2.5 million people who did click Play, I don’t have any desire to give this singer the attention he craves.

Then again, Benny Johnson posted the video for the same reasons the singer did the performance in the first place: exposure.

Johnson wanted to goose his Twitter engagements. And all the dopes who follow Johnson not only gave the singer exactly what he wanted, but they also gave Johnson exactly what he wanted too, namely views, retweets, and increased Twitter engagement.

I’d wager 90 percent of the right’s social media “influencers” who also shared the video did it for the same reason.

They don’t really care that some singer whose name I don’t know dressed up like the devil and sang a song at the Grammys to get free publicity for himself. But they know it will drive a certain segment of the right nutty with outrage, so they promote videos of the performance to get free publicity for themselves.

It’s like a circle jerk of attention-seeking narcissists.

And I blame social media for the whole stupid clown show.

Before social media came along, the only people who would’ve known that a Grammy performer dressed like the devil would’ve been the folks who tuned in to watch the Grammy Awards. The rest of us would’ve remained blissfully unaware.

But now, the instant it happens, the usual dopes on social media scramble to be the first to post a video clip of the performance while blustering with impotent rage. Then all the leftist social media users pile on to mock the right for being puritanical lunatics who lose their marbles over a performance on an awards show they didn’t watch. Then all the lazy-ass reporters who think “journalism” means scouring Twitter for “scoops” write articles on the outrage featuring headlines like “Conservative Pounce on ‘Satanic’ Grammy Performance.”

And the shitshow social media casserole is complete.

Don’t get me wrong, the Left behaves in exactly the same way when they see something that offends them. The only difference in the recipe is that, in this case, the reporters write articles featuring headlines like “Conservatives Outraged After Social Media Mocks Christian Performer.”

Why would anyone with a single working brain cell want to wade into this mess?

Ignore it all. Don’t give it an ounce of oxygen. Maybe then this ridiculous charade can die and go to hell where it belongs.

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One thought on “Why do dopes keep falling for this crap?

  • February 7, 2023 at 5:37 pm

    Social media is the great addiction and affliction of our time. Millions of drooling morons desperately trying to boost their dopamine levels in gathering “likes” from other anonymous morons by posting inane content that rarely has any degree of significance. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TicToc, and many others are services/platforms I don’t have and don’t use (and never will). I’m old enough to remember when people actually engaged in real physical activity and spoke with other people face to face. Okay, I’ll admit I use FaceTime occasionally to check in with the home front when I’m off fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, etc., or to speak to relatives who live far away (technology has to have some tangible benefits). I seems today’s “influencers” and their followers are preparing to inhabit a Matrix-like world where all interactions are virtual, every fleeting thought needs to be sensationalized, and the real world becomes a fading memory. Sounds to me like a dystopian nightmare which would comfortably fit somewhere in Dante’s nine rings or be memorialized in an utterly forgettable song, performed by an unknown deviant, on an irrelevant music “awards” show.

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