WikiLeaks: Birddogging was baked in

In today’s WikiLeaks release, I found proof that Team Clinton was directly involved in the anti-Trump birddogging campaign.

Thanks to Project Veritas, we know about all about birddogging and how it was used to cause chaos and violence at Trump rallies.

And thanks to WikiLeaks, we know that Team Clinton was directly involved.

For those of you have haven’t yet learned what birddogging is, here’s the relevant Project Veritas video.

Birddogging is when opposition groups are paid to follow after Republican candidates and harass them and their supporters at events.

This was not something that was cooked up by people completely unaffiliated with the Clinton campaign.

It was absolutely baked in to the campaign’s plans.

I found this brief December 9, 2015 email from Sara Latham to John Podesta:

Robby’s memo for this afternoon.

Attached to this email was a memo by campaign manager Robby Mook called “Spring Earned Messaging Concept.”

At the very end of the memo, under the heading Surrogate Events was the sub-head OUT OF DATE/OUT OF TOUCH TEAM with this description:

Special team of reliable GOP opposition surrogates­­ — this may be a good project for DWS­­ — who birddog GOP candidates, especially likely nominee, at their events (need special staff team at HQ that does this); reinforce basic contrast message and try to push them further to the right.

“Need special staff team at HQ that does this.”

In other words, the Clinton campaign would assign a staff team to coordinate birddogging of Republican candidates.

Mook then gives a list of examples:

1. Women’s bus tour chasing GOP; speaking at events and challenging them to be clear on women’s health/equality issues
2. Hispanic activist groups to protest GOP events; seek outside groups to badger GOP candidates, get them on the record
3. AA team; POTUS legacy?
4. Youth group? Hollywood types or digital influencers?

These people really are shitty, aren’t they?

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