WikiLeaks: Cheryl Mills didn’t want Hillary to run


Well, well, well. Looks like not everybody within the Clinton inner circle was keen on Hillary running for President.

In today’s round of Podesta Emails, a little nugget appeared.

In a back and forth with Neera Tanden, John Podesta let slip that Cheryl Mills didn’t want Hillary to run.


Because of the private server.

In the thread that included Tanden declaring that whoever told Hillary to set up a private server should be drawn and quartered, today’s release included this response from Podesta:

At least we now know why Cheryl didn’t want her to run.

Let’s recap the thread, shall we:

On July 24, 2015, Tanden writes to Podesta:

I’m doing jake tapper and they have a national poll coming out. They wouldn’t tell me results but if I had to guess it – discerning from our prep call -will show Bernie doing pretty well w Hillary and doing as well against Jeb or close to it.

Podesta replies:

PS can you imagine what the Republicans would do to him if he were the nominee?

Tanden answers:

Well, let’s see what the poll actually says.
Let’s hope the Democratic party is not suicidal.

Then, Tanden sends this additional comment:

Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email? And has that person been drawn and quartered?
Like whole thing is fucking insane.

Podesta’s answer is succinct:

Don’t you think Cheryl?

Well, that’s telling.

Tanden answers:

I repeat, why hasn’t this person been drawn and quartered?
I’m reading wolf hall. There is something to be said for the power of torture.

And then Podesta drops the bomb:

At least we now know why Cheryl didn’t want her to run.

Do you understand the implication here?

Cheryl Mills knew that this private server would be extremely damaging to Hillary’s presidential aspirations.

She knew it was damaging enough to hurt Clinton should it become public.

So all the pie-in-the-sky about how this scandal is a whole lot of nothing is phony.

Even Hillary’s own close confidante and attorney knows this is bad.

That’s quite a bit of information, isn’t it?

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  • November 6, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Wikileaks: Former President Clinton aide says foundation paid for Chelsea wedding.
    The corruption never stops with the Clinton’s.

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