WikiLeaks: John Harwood is such a sycophantic hack

My thoughts on the CNBC debate

The WikiLeaks Podesta emails are chock full of sycophantic groveling from CNBC’s John Harwood.

Good grief, this guy is such a ass-kisser, it’s nauseating.

While combing through today’s release, I found a September 21, 2015 email from Harwood to John Podeta with the subject line what should I ask Jeb….

…in Speakeasy interview tomorrow?

You get it?

John Harwood is going to be interviewing Jeb Bush and he is checking in with John Podesta to find out what questions the Clinton campaign wants him to ask.

For crying out loud. What a hack.

But don’t worry. The Enslaved Press isn’t carrying Hillary’s water.

They’re not trying to help get Hillary elected.


That’s just crazy talk! And anybody who thinks that is just a whacked-out right winger.

Asking the campaign director for Hillary Clinton to provide him with questions for an interview with a Republican candidate is just John Harwood’s idea of hard-hitting journalism.

Why not just drop the pretense and ask Podesta to conduct the interview, you sniveling suck-up?!

Honestly. I really hate these people.

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