WikiLeaks Podesta Emails prove the fix was in


WikiLeaks dropped another 1,874 Podesta emails this morning, so I spent a couple hours scrolling through them for a lookie-loo.

I found some emails that reveal that when it came to Hillary winning the nomination, the fix was in from the very beginning.

Back on March 27, 2015 – nearly two months before Hillary officially launched her campaign – Huma Abedin sent out an email to Robby Mook, Charlie Baker and John Podesta letting them know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had contacted Hillary to inform her of hiring Leah Daughtry to be Convention CEO.

Gasp!!! How dare she?!

From Robby Mook’s reaction, it is clear Team Clinton didn’t expect the DNC to make any decisions without first going through them.

Mook sent this email to Hillary and John Podesta.

I’m distressed that DWS hired a convention CEO without consulting us after Charlie and I both told them repeatedly that we expected to be consulted–and we were under the impression they would. They didn’t consult the White House either.
Madame Secretary, I’m not going to call anyone or say anything until you have your conversation with DWS, but this concerns me a lot.
John–you, Charlie and I may need to sit down with Debbie to make clear how we want things to change/improve before we are willing to consider playing ball with them.

“Playing ball.” What an interesting turn of phrase.

Even in March of 2015 before Hillary officially declared, Team Clinton was expecting the DNC to take its orders from them.

But don’t worry, Bernie Sanders voters. The nomination wasn’t fixed. Nope. Not at all.

In reply to this email, Hillary wrote:

I just talked to her and she told me she had hired Leah after an “exhaustive” interviewing process.

Well, Robby Mook was not happy.

It boggles my mind that they didn’t even consult the White House or us on who to even interview.
Charlie and I are both dumbfounded.

I don’t mean to pick nits, but why should it boggle your mind, Robby? The DNC doesn’t answer to an undeclared candidate, do they?

Do they?!

Hillary replied:

Clearly, the WH either didn’t care or didn’t weigh in. Probably the former.

And huffy Robby answered:

Yes…unfortunately, I think that’s true.
I’m on the phone with Simas [Dave Simas: WH Office of Political Strategy and Outreach] now…he’s stunned that you’ve already been called. They had absolutely no idea anyone was even being interviewed. The WH still hasn’t been contacted about about this. He’s calling her now.

In this email chain, Hillary has the final word:

I think it’s too late. We can’t be seen as trying to reverse this.

Well, of course they can’t. Hillary hadn’t even announced her candidacy yet. How would it look if Team Clinton got up in DWS’s pooch and demanded she hire whoever Team Clinton wanted? Then everybody would have known the fix was in.

I decided to do a search on “DWS” to see if I could find any more on this and discovered a reply from Robby Mook:

I agree. My issue is less about who it is but more that we’re being told to raise the money and we weren’t even consulted when we asked.

Now, why would Robby Mook expect Team Clinton to be consulted before Hillary even declared her candidacy?

Obviously because the fix was in. They fully expected that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee.

And as I further discovered, they expected that long before March of 2015.

When I did a search on the word “Convention,” I found an email from Robby Mook dated January 13, 2015 (five months before Hillary’s big Roosevelt Island launch speech).

Attached is a rough draft of the convention memo to HRC. Let me know if you have any edits.
Something I wasn’t aware of: I can’t get anyone at the DNC on the phone, but apparently the GOP *has NOT locked in the last week of June*. They could still choose the third week of July. This changes things slightly, in that the two conventions could be back-to-back, although our two main points–money and ceding the narrative the Republican over the summer still stand.
For the record, I talked to Plouffe today and he still maintains August is the smarter option. He acknowledged that July is safer and it would take a thick skin to survive until August.

Now, you’d think in discussing when to hold the Democratic National Convention, Robby Mook would have included the DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

But no. This memo was not to DWS, but to Hillary Clinton.

The attached memo discusses the pros and cons of having a Convention in July instead of August.

At the end of the memo, Mook makes this recommendation to Hillary (not to the DNC mind you, but to Hillary):

This is a close call, but we recommend July for two reasons: (1) the financial landscape is highly unpredictable and, while primary money will always be scarce, a July date is far less risky than August. (2) There’s potentially a big upside to waiting until the end of August to make your case to voters, but there’s also some risk of never getting out from under the GOP candidate, especially if you are outspent on TV.

Anybody else coming away with the feeling that even before Hillary officially declared her candidacy, the fix was in?

Hillary Clinton had the nomination in the bag before the 2016 campaign even began.

Honestly, I don’t know how you could think anything differently.

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2 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Podesta Emails prove the fix was in

  • October 18, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    The fix was in when it was decided that Obama would be the nominee 8 years ago, and Hil would have to wait her turn. We all know this, but I won’t be surprised if communication confirming our suspicions is actually found.

  • October 18, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    When the press threw her over for the new chocolate flavor the democrats made a Faustian deal with the grifters that she would be the next in line.Obozo made her SOS so she could scoop up tens of millions for their phony foundation from corporations and countries having business before her just to keep her out of his hair..Everybody knows if you want something from the Klintoons it’ll cost you.Ask the Chinese.

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