Will Hillary Clinton be the scapegoat?


Sometimes, to protect the king, you have to sacrifice the queen.

I said earlier this week that this Russian collusion to take out Trump goes much further than the Clinton campaign.

But if they can, I think the Democrats and the media will do everything possible make Hillary Clinton the scapegoat.

Obama’s so-called “legacy” is being easily dismantled.

And worse, the media narrative that his was a “scandal-free” administration is in serious jeopardy.

Just yesterday, it was announced that the IRS has settled the lawsuits from conservative groups for the IRS targeting scandal. This settlement included payments to the plaintiffs as well as an official apology.

The last thing they want is for Uranium One or any other Russian scandals to end up at the feet of Barack Obama.

So if the only way to protect Obama’s quickly fading “legacy” is to make Hillary the scapegoat, they will do it.

That’s why it didn’t surprise me when I read in the Daily Caller that Obama’s former CIA chief Leon Panetta was urging Congress to investigate the Clinton campaign’s involvement with Fusion GPS.

Of course he is.

That’s what they want – to hang it on Clinton and hope that nobody looks any further.

And something tells me the news media may well go along with this.

Because, let’s face it. At the prompting of the Clinton campaign, the media went all-in for this ridiculous Russian collusion story against Trump.

And as much as they despise the President, they hate the fact that this RussiaGate now makes them look like fools.

Is it all that hard to imagine the news media getting some righteous payback against Clinton for helping destroy what’s left of their reputation?

But this push to link Donald Trump to the Russians was not just a Clinton campaign effort.

The Obama Administration were up to their necks in this as well.

Consider this.

Without the funding of Fusion GPS by the Clinton campaign, there would be no dirty dossier.

And without the dirty dossier, there would be no FISA warrant issued against the Trump campaign.

Finally, without the FISA warrant, there would have been no illegal unmasking of American citizens by people within the Obama White House.

It’s all connected – all of it.

The last thing the Democrats or the news media want is a domino-effect that takes out not only Hillary and her campaign but also people in Obama’s administration.

And if the only way to stop that domino-effect is to make Hillary the scapegoat, trust me. They’ll find a way to do it.

When you get right down to brass tacks, Hillary Clinton has already fallen out of favor with the media and the Democrat Party.

In fact, her insistence on not going away is damaging the Democrats’ chances of ever regaining any traction.

And her constantly harping on Russia is now biting them in the ass.

Given that, I just have this sinking feeling that Hillary will be hung out to dry.

I might be wrong.

But I doubt it.

The one thing Democrats value more than the integrity of our justice system or the national security of our country is their own self-preservation.

And if the only way to preserve their own skin is to scapegoat Hillary, they won’t hesitate to toss her under the bus.

But here’s the problem.

The Democrats aren’t in charge.

These investigations into both Fusion GPS and Uranium One is being led by Republicans.

Sure, Democrats like Adam Schiff will do everything humanly possible to obstruct things.

But that comes with its own dangers.

And without a Democrat in the White House or a corrupt partisan like Loretta Lynch heading up DOJ, trying to limit the damage to Hillary is going to be infinitely difficult.

But like rats fleeing a sinking ship, I think they’ll still give it the old college try.

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3 thoughts on “Will Hillary Clinton be the scapegoat?

  • October 27, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Absolutely they will toss her under the bus for Obama. Make no mistake about it.

  • October 27, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    As the Chinese say, “No waves without wind.” As powerful as she may have been or think she is, she is nonetheless a wave. (For that matter, Obama is also just a wave.) So who is/are the wind? Soros? Others? And how does the wind react to the potential of HRC crashing on these rocks of scandal/criminality/treason? Clearly, there are some strong forces at play, heretofore from distance, with the potential to take some ominous actions.

  • October 27, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Spot on, Geoduck. Now that I’m old, I’ve seen enough to know that it comes around eventually for every foul character. And since they always purported to be smarter than everyone else, they are blindsided and astonished when they finally get their just due. It’s all “Who? ME?” as they struggle for a life raft of friends to prop them up. It’s a sweet sight to behold.

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