Wiped Clean

Say, did you know that Hillary Clinton, for a brief time before she was fired, was one of the attorneys looking to get Nixon impeached?

She was so gung-ho, she didn’t even want Nixon to have legal representation.

Why Nixon was a crook and a criminal as far as Hillary was concerned.

I mean, an 18-minute gap in a tape sent her into orbit!

What was Nixon trying to hide by having that 18 minutes removed?!

Hillary has assured America that she is the most transparent politician in the country.

Apparently what she meant by “transparent” was “wiped clean.”

According to the New York Times, this private server from which Hillary, and apparently some of her State Department staff, sent email communications during her time as Secretary of State has been wiped clean.

An examination of the server that housed the personal email account that Hillary Rodham Clinton used exclusively when she was secretary of state showed that there are no copies of any emails she sent during her time in office, her lawyer told a congressional committee on Friday.
After her representatives determined which emails were government-related and which were private, a setting on the account was changed to retain only emails sent in the previous 60 days, her lawyer, David Kendall, said. He said the setting was altered after she gave the records to the government.

Gone. It’s all gone.

Earlier this month, Big Fur Hat hit the nail on the head when he posted this at iotwreport:

The Times went on:

At a news conference this month, Mrs. Clinton appeared to provide two answers about whether she still had copies of her emails. First, she said that she “chose not to keep” her private personal emails after her lawyers had examined the account and determined on their own which ones were personal and which were State Department records. But later, she said that the server, which contained personal communication by her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, “will remain private.” The server was kept at their home in Chappaqua, N.Y., which is protected around the clock by the Secret Service.

Whenever you have a Clinton involved, you have to start with the premise that they are congenitally dishonest.

Look. Clinton is lying.


She set up this server for the sole purpose of keeping control of her communications, to bypass FOIA and, two years after leaving State, simply scrubbed all the emails so that nobody could ever confirm her claims that she turned all pertinent emails over.

This is Hillary doing what the Clintons do best: lying, covering her ass, and deceiving the American people.

Her arrogance knows no bounds. She simply does not believe we are entitled to know what she’s up to.


Her own actions consistently disqualify her to serve in public office for a Constitutional Republic.

The only place Hillary belongs is in prison.

Ready for Hillary Mug Shot

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