Without evidence


The Enslaved Press has been giving Jill Stein all the airtime they can muster to promote her quixotic attempt to undermine the election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Stein raked in a hell of a lot of dough over the last week on the claim that there were voting irregularities in these states that justified her recount demands.

Stein offers no proof.

She provided no evidence at all.

Do you think that matters to the Enslaved Press?

Not on the likely.

They don’t care one bit that Stein has no actionable evidence that voting irregularities deprived Hillary of a win.

Neither does the Clinton campaign. Her shyster of a campaign lawyer admitted as much when he announced that Team Clinton was joining the recount.

The only evidence these kooks have is this. Trump won states that went to Obama.

Therefore, the only way Trump could win states that went to Obama is through fraud.

Like the Clinton campaign, the Enslaved Press refuse to consider the possibility that Hillary simply lost. Heaven forbid they admit that blue collar voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania who feel abandoned by the Democrat Party overwhelmingly went for Trump.

It can’t be Hillary!

No!! She was a near perfect candidate!

It must be fraud.

So in order to prop up the candidate who completely alienated voters in the rust belt, the Enslaved Press trumpets Stein’s ridiculous attempt to undermine the election.

Then, yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted this out:

I’d venture to say that Trump is onto something.

Let’s review, shall we?

I mentioned shortly after the election a report that up to three million non-citizens voted on November 8.

In September, I pointed out an investigative report out of Colorado that provided evidence that the dead were voting in that state.

When you factor in the large number of illegal aliens in California – all of whom now can get drivers licenses – the likelihood that non-citizens participated in the election is pretty good.

But what is the Enslaved Press’ response to Donald Trump’s tweet?

Well, here’s the headline from The Hill:
Trump claims voter fraud without evidence, says ‘I won the popular vote’

Over at their main page, CNN posted this headline:
Without evidence, Trump claims fraud cost him popular vote

And this from Reuters:
Trump, without evidence, says illegal voting cost him U.S. popular vote

These dinks are quick to dismiss Trump’s claim on the basis that it is “without evidence.”

Yet, how much airtime and postings have these same news outlets handed Jill Stein to promote her get-rich-quick recount effort?

They breathlessly reported Hillary’s campaign joining in without so much as a hint of dismissive condescension.

Not once did we see a headline like these:
Stein calls for recounts claiming, without evidence, voter fraud

Clinton joins recount effort despite no evidence of voting irregularities

Jill Stein is using this trumped up allegation to fill her own personal coffers with cash. Yet these dinks in the Enslaved Press are doing everything possible to lend credibility to her recount Kabuki.

But don’t worry.

All those claims that the Enslaved Press is biased against Donald Trump are without evidence.

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