Won’t get fooled again

Yesterday when I saw the news about Donald Trump’s supposed Supreme Court picks, my first thought was, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Sure, on paper, it looks like Trump is serious about putting Constitutional originalists on the court.

But then again, on paper, Donald Trump appeared serious about putting a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries.

Problem is, Donald on paper and Donald in real life are about as similar to each other as the Great and Terrible Oz is to Professor Marvel.

Part of that is because the Donald Trump on paper isn’t Donald Trump at all, but some behind-the-scenes guy who is trying to make the real Donald Trump look like something he is not: a Constitutional Conservative.

Trump has already told us that he will always start from a strong position and from there, negotiate down. In fact, he is already beginning to negotiate himself away from his more principled policy proposals.

I won’t get fooled again.

Given the facts in evidence, it is far more likely that Trump will either not bother nominating anyone on that list at all, or, he will simply nominate one of them and the minute the Democrats balk, quickly “make a deal” and negotiate down to a more status quo, squishy Moderate the likes of Chuck Schumer would happily confirm.

So while some are celebrating this list and strutting about bellowing, “See?! He is serious!” I’m supremely doubtful that this list is worth the paper it’s written on.

Trump has run this campaign like he’s Lucy with the football. Time and again, people barrel toward whatever issue he places in front of them thinking “this time he means it.”
Donald football

Then, as soon as he is questioned on it, he quickly back peddles and changes his mind.

Look, I know there are those of you out there who don’t care. I realize that the counter argument is, “Well, we all know the kind of justices Hillary will nominate.”

Yes, that’s true. We do.

But equally true is we have no earthly idea what kind of justices Trump will nominate. And the release of this list really doesn’t change that reality.

I won’t be Charlie Brown on this list of names you guys.

Trump has repeatedly flip-flopped on so many issues, I would need to be lobotomized to fall for anything he says or does.

Would it be nice if these were really the judges he nominated? Sure.

Is there any logical reason to believe that he will nominate any of them?

Well, if the last year has taught me anything, no. Not even a little.

The one thing I’ve learned about Donald Trump over the last year is he really doesn’t mean what he says.

Everything is just a suggestion.

Everything is open to negotiation.

Everything is just the start of a deal.

He put forward a fairly solid tax plan last year and already has preemptively negotiated it away.

He’s gone soft on his Muslim Immigration ban.

He’s back-peddled away from his supposed strong stand against a Federal minimum wage.

He’s as solid as Silly Putty when it comes to being pro-life.

And now I’m supposed to fall for the football trick all over again with regard to this list of judges?

I may not be the savviest gal in the world, but I’m not that gullible.

I have no realistic expectation that Donald Trump will nominate solid Constitutionally-based originalists no matter how many lists of names he releases.

None whatsoever.

I have no doubt that at the first sign of resistance, Donald will pull back, toss that list on the scrapheap and make a “deal” with the Democrats.

I won’t be fooled again.

This is nothing more than a head-fake; it’s Clintonian pandering.

Would I like to be proved wrong?

Sure I would.

I’d love it if Donald Trump completely surprised me and stuck to his guns on this. Nothing would make me happier than eating my words.

But like a battered spouse who finally stops believing the contrition of her thug of a husband, after nearly a year of watching Trump’s malleability in action, I prefer to err on the side of caution and doubt every single thing that comes out of his mouth.

I just won’t get fooled again.

Maybe over the next six months, Trump can actually show voters like me that he isn’t just blowing smoke up our asses. If that happens, I will upgrade my view of him from “I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him” to “trust, but verify.”

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