Working without pay? Congressional Democrats are fine with that!

I stumbled across a tweet from Congressman Dan Crenshaw from Texas that made my jaw hit my desk.

Yeah. You read that right.

All those Democrats in Congress who are swarming onto Twitter to share sob stories about those poor Federal employees working without pay voted no.

Including Rashida Tlaib who shared her grief over TSA agents not getting paid.

If you won’t be numb to human suffering, why did you vote NO, Rashida?

Except for slavery. But I get it.  You’re invested in the sob stories.

But, if this modern slavery so disgusts you, Congressman Welch, why the heck did you vote NO?

It breaks his damn heart!!!!

Oh, boo hoo hoo!!! Those TSA sob stories really get me where I live, Eric.

So tell me, Eric.  Why did you vote NO?

But surely the Warrior for the Working Man Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voted yes.


Wrong.  She voted no.

Oh, dear! Those poor people. And they’re AMERICANS!!!!!

I’m sure, Teddy here voted to pay them.

Um (checking list). Nope!  Ted voted NO.

Raskin and Khanna you say?

Huh. Let me check….

Yup! They both voted NO too. So I guess that means they’re protesting themselves.

I could do this all day, folks.

But I think you get the idea.

Two hundred and twenty-two Democrats voted NO.

Because they care so much about those poor Federal employees forced into working without pay by meanie-meanie-jelly-beanie Trump.


No they don’t.

The Democrats in Congress are far more invested in peddling sob stories those poor government workers forced to toil without pay than they are in actually paying them.

It’s all about the narrative you see.

If a few hundred thousand Federal employees are having to work without pay to give the Democrats a win, then so be it.

After all, you can’t make a Resist Omelet without breaking a few eggs.



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One thought on “Working without pay? Congressional Democrats are fine with that!

  • January 24, 2019 at 1:14 am

    190 Republicans voted yea. 215 Dems in the House of Representatives were unreasonably partisan and voted nay. You and others are SO right — clearly it is Dem hypocrisy; underlined and highlighted.

    Now looking to the US Senate for better political engineering to defeat the hyper-partisan Dems.

    The US executive branch needs to continue hanging tough for border security (“Build the wall!”) — do not sign a budget that does not include border security. It is way beyond time for an American president to hold congress accountable during budget negotiations for the disgraceful set circumstances that have now surrounded legal/illegal immigration for TO MANY years


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