You can’t teach an old horndog new tricks

It was less than two months ago that the old horndog Joe Biden assured us all that he’s learned his lesson.

Social norms have changed,” the grabbing, sniffing, groping toucher of children told us.

And he gets it.

He gets it.

Only, not so much.

Fact is, you can’t teach an old horndog new tricks.

And a kid-touching pervy leopard can’t change his spots.

Yesterday, Horndog Joe got a little too snuggly with yet another little girl.

But remember.  He gets it.  He gets it.

He hears what we’re saying and he understands.

That’s what this old horndog told us back on April 3rd in that painful Twitter video of his.

Pervy Joe assured us he would be much more mindful.

But the old horndog can’t learn to keep his wandering hands, the hair sniffing and the inappropriate comments to underage girls to himself.

Sure, he might “get it.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s ever going to change.

I’ve said before, forget grown women; it’s the way Pervy Joe behaves with girls as young as eight that I find especially disturbing.

This isn’t normal.

And it isn’t because, as the old horndog claims, “social norms have changed;” this was never normal.

But what makes this latest kid-touching incident even more disturbing is where it happened.

Old Horndog Joe was appearing at a town hall hosted by the American Federation of Teachers Union.

Teachers – the people with whom we are forced to entrust our children. Yet not one of them bat an eye when Joe set his sights on this ten-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, news reporters and photographers happily filmed the pervy old coot as he trapped that girl in his clutches.

If his union base and the sycophantic news media aren’t going to hold him to his promise to change, why should the old horndog alter his behavior one iota?

He gets nothing.

He’s learned nothing.

And the longer Pervy Joe stays in this race, the more chances he’ll have to show us that he just can’t stop himself.

Nor will he even try.

Old Horndog Joe

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  • May 29, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Pedophilia is essentially incurable.

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