Are you suffering from Russia Narrative Exhaustion?

Russia Narrative Exhaustion

I don’t know about you, but another week of breathless, hysterical reporting about the Russian story has left me feeling exhausted.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I am suffering from Russia Narrative Exhaustion.

And given that Lupus tends to make me feel fatigued as it is, I really don’t need it.

What I need is something to make me laugh.

So I checked out some clips from last night’s Greg Gutfeld Show.

Boy, is it a tonic.

And of course it helped that Mark Steyn was one of his guests.

If you’re suffering from Russia Narrative Exhaustion, check out these hilarious segments.

Up first was Gutfeld’s take on the Russian Collusion Story and the Media’s hysteria.

“The Russian Story is the Left’s crack cocaine. And they won’t put down the pipe until there’s a new dealer in the White House.”

And then there’s this segment about Hillary wanting to have a role in the 2018 midterms.

Check out Mark Steyn’s hilarious imitation of Hillary Clinton.

Thanks, Greg!

I needed that.

The truth is, people who aren’t living in the hermetically-sealed media bubble are sick and tired of this Russian story. And they believe it exists only to delegitimize our President.

So clearly I’m not the only one suffering from Russia Narrative Exhaustion.

The media’s inability to drop this narrative isn’t hurting President Trump; it’s hurting them.

And nothing is more effective at combatting their silly obsession than humor.

Speaking of humor. Here’s another really good Trump/CNN meme.

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