Young Fetterman

Young Fetterman

Yesterday, Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman released a statement giving some lame excuse for why he would not debate his Republican challenger, Dr. Mehmet Oz, next week.

The Oz campaign was mean to him, the lumbering Fetterman whined.

On Twitter, where he does 99% of his campaigning, John Fetterman has been relentlessly mocking and attacking Dr. Oz for months.

He mocks Dr. Oz for coming from New Jersey, for how many homes he owns, and for daring to describe a vegetable platter as “crudités.”

Even during his rare campaign events, the Fetterman campaign can’t get enough of mocking his Republican challenger. Over the weekend, Fetterman campaign staffers even dressed up in broccoli costumes. Because when your entire campaign consists of mocking “crudités,” you put your dignity aside and get up like a vegetable.

Fetterman plays the tough guy on Twitter. But the moment the Oz campaign hits back, he simpers like a thin-skinned toddler and whines, “No FAIR!!!!!”

But John Fetterman’s stroke leaving him nearly incapable of basic human speech is a big deal, no matter how much his campaign and the compliant press might want to deny it. The Oz campaign would be stupid not to raise the issue often and loudly.

After a video clip showing Fetterman struggling to formulate a sentence during a recent campaign speech went viral on social media, the reporters covering his campaign stopped posting videos, opting for still photos instead.


Because watching this man struggle to make his way through a simple sentence is alarming and concerning. It raises the very valid question, is John Fetterman capable of serving a six-year term in the United States Senate?

Fetterman isn’t backing out of next week’s debate because Dr. Oz’s campaign “mocked” him for having a stroke.

He’s backing out because he had a stroke that rendered him incapable of coherent speech.

So while Dr. Oz has been crisscrossing the state, driving thousands of miles while making campaign stops by the hundreds, this guy retreats to the basement like Biden while his campaign staffers post snarky memes on Twitter.

But there are problems with running a statewide campaign entirely on Twitter.

Instead of connecting with actual voters, you resort to playing to the cheap seats, begging for retweets and gleeful press coverage that might appeal to far-left ResistanceLOL Democrats in deep blue urban areas but won’t do a thing to move the needle with voters in your state.

Nikki Fried made the same mistake during her quixotic primary campaign for governor of Florida.

Fried’s campaign operated almost entirely for the benefit of nationwide members of the Twitter ResistanceLOL.

While she might have gotten a lot of retweets and campaign donations from Pussy hat-wearing wine moms in northern Virginia who have 🇺🇦 and 🌊 in their Twitter handles, Nikki Fried did diddly-squat to reach out to actual Democrat primary voters in Florida.

Fetterman’s campaign people who run his social media “engagement” are following the Fried model, but not for the same reasons. Unlike Nikki Fried who fancied herself a hot social media “influencer,” the Fetterman team has to resort to Twitter because they have to limit how much actual voters see and hear their candidate.

The Fetterman campaign is following the Nikki Fried Model on social media and the “Biden-hiding-in-the-basement” Model in real life.

The lumbering oaf won’t debate Dr. Oz because Pennsylvania voters will be able to watch a debate from the comfort of their homes, meaning far more of them are likely to see and hear firsthand just how much damage that stroke did to the guy.

And all the snarky “crudités” tweets in the world wouldn’t be able to hide it.

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4 thoughts on “Young Fetterman

  • September 1, 2022 at 9:44 am

    “The Fetterman campaign is following the Nikki Fried Model on social media and the “Biden-hiding-in-the-basement” Model in real life.”
    Worked for Grandpa Badfingers. Don’t underestimate the sheer stupidity of the voting public.

  • September 1, 2022 at 11:28 am

    The hide in the basement approach worked for old dementia Joe, but unless the Fetterman campaign can “fortify” the election in the state to a similar extent it will probably not work for him.

    As for strokes, they do a lot of damage and often a lot of it is not immediately obvious. I had a stroke about 7 and a half years ago, and while I have (eventually) mostly recovered and live a pretty normal life I know that I am not the same as I was before. My language skills were not affected, but a number of other things were and some of them I did not even realize for months afterward. There are quite probably issues of which I am still not fully aware, as brain damage can be remarkably localized and specific.

    But I am not the sort of person who craves power and thinks I should be elected to national political office despite some very obvious issues. We have far too many people who think they are entitled to hold power no matter how incapable they are of performing the duties of the office. Fetterman is a piker compared to dementia Joe or Nancy Pelosi. A senator who can not speak clearly is just going to be a puppet for his unelected staffers, like Biden is for whoever is actually making the decisions.

  • September 1, 2022 at 5:38 pm

    This giant troglodyte bears a striking resemblance to the fugly, genocidal aliens in the movie Battleship. He appears to have similar goals also, including elimination of the conservative half of America. I am definitely no fan of Oz (for a number of reasons), but as long as he doesn’t go full “Cheney, Kinsinger, or Romney” he will be infinitely better than the severely brain-damaged communist. Perhaps Festerman could employ Alzheimer Joe as speech and debate coach. That would be worth watching, with a lot of popcorn and libations, of course.

  • September 2, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    Another fine example of government being molded to resemble the Cabinet of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho

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