Yup, Khan lied


Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote about Khizr Khan claiming that his travel privileges were “under review?”

If you don’t, you can read the post HERE.

But here’s a brief recap.

Mr. Khan was scheduled to speak at an event in Toronto in early March. But he contacted the speakers’ forum and told them he would be unable to attend because his “travel privileges are being reviewed.”

At the time, nobody bought it.

Khan is a US citizen of Pakistani descent. There would be no travel restrictions put on him due to President Trump’s travel ban.

But when reporters attempted to clarify his claim, Khan refused to comment.

Well, on Friday, Mr. Khan finally responded.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Khan man responded via email to a Richmond, Virginia radio station.

He now says it was his choice not to travel abroad.

“I did not want to go through the hassle of uncertain rules and capricious implementation,” he told them.

So, he chose not to travel to Canada because it was a hassle.

Yet he told them at the time it was because his travel privileges were under review.

In other words, Khan lied.

I know what you’re thinking.

Why the hell did he lie?

Well, this all happened on the day that President Trump released his second EO on banning travel from six terrorist countries. No doubt Mr. Khan wanted to somehow create the impression that because of Trump, he was unable to travel.

What a dishonest little creep he is.

There is a bright side to this.

Let’s face it. If the only way the Left can smear President Trump is to fabricate stories, they really have run out of options.

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